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QuoScient provides disruptive platform technology, QuoLab, to fast forward incident response and scale cyber security defense and prevention capabilities for globally operating enterprises across all industries in the private and public sectors.

With our QuoLab platform, we solve key operational problems in Cyber Security. QuoLab is engineered based on our proprietary research and innovations, aligning it to the fast evolving threat landscape as well as the day to day reality of security practitioners responding to and actively preventing cyber incidents.

QuoLab is designed around the following principles: collaboration, agile analysis and intelligence-sharing - gluing together technological and human capabilities to perform incident response in a highly scalable manner.

QuoScient’s team has many years of experience at the forefront of cyber operations - this sets it apart. Its collective experience and knowledge has been engineered into the QuoLab platform, which provides the ability to produce automated collection, analysis and dissemination. The result is highly effective, integrated and scalable security capabilities within small teams.

The benefits for our customers are multi-faceted: state-of-the-art visibility and certainty about threats targeting them; actionable operational support to comply with legislative and regulatory frameworks; end-to-end protection of their critical assets, (defense) operations and bottom line against impact from attacks. Our service unleashes key competitive business advantages by enabling our customers to proactively protect their business operations and customers against current and future threats.

The Threat Intelligence and Security Operations company was founded in 2016. Our heritage stems from protecting and defending one of the largest global financial institutions and private/public organizations in the past decade, by building and operating proactive cyber security defense capabilities. QuoScient is a fully operational and mature team, operating from Germany, headquartered in Frankfurt, UK, France, Ireland and USA.

Digital Active Defense - Four Key Value Propositions for Our Clients:

1. QuoLab Platform and Network

QuoLab Platform

  • Self learning: our distributed smart platform elevates your defense capabilities to that of an attacker
  • Made in Germany: we understand European information privacy requirements
  • Cyber Resiliency: satisfy business, compliance and liability requirements

2. Global Emergency Incident Response Support 24 X 7

Call us at +49 69 33 99 86 34.

Our experienced teams of experienced subject matter experts will help you to:

  • Manage the security crisis or incident
  • Respond in the fastest and most efficient manner
  • Minimize the impact on your business
  • Remediate and follow up

3. Digital Active Defense Operational Support

Next Gen Managed Security Services

  • Support for your Incident Response Teams
  • Support for your CERT/CSIRT and SOC
  • Key defense capabilities: Threat Hunting, Digital Forensics, Intelligence Operations,Malware/Technical Artifact Analysis, Incident Response, Subject Matter Education

4. Strategic Transformation

Wether the drivers are regulatory, compliance or digitalization objectives, we support you to:

  • Assess the baseline and define the target operating model
  • Align to organizational specific best practices
  • Fast forward the transformation of your organization
  • Parallelize operational and strategic workstreams
  • Prepare for and support (regulatory) audits
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Managed Security Services

  • Operational Readiness/Maturity Assessments (Audits)
  • Strategic Transformation and Integration to ensure operational coverage of standards and regulatory frameworks (e.g. BSI, BAFIN-BAIT, GDPR)
  • Incident/Crisis Management
  • 24x7 Incident Response Operations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Trainings and Education


QuoScient was set up by professionals with many years of experience and a strong track record in the IT Security Industry. Yet we have the mind-set of a start-up company where we value everyone’s contribution to the work and want each employee to benefit from the company’s growth.

We are passionate about what we do. This passion is what drives us to deliver the best in class. QuoScient is looking for self-motivated individuals who enjoy working in small, high-performing teams and who value autonomy and professional excellence. We believe in fair compensation and in fun at work. We nurture and reward innovation and creativity.

We are hiring talent from all over the world and we are interested in collaborating with everyone from university graduates with outstanding credentials to senior IT professionals with strong work experience in the IT Security field.

We are looking forward hearing from you.

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