Information Security Operation Services

QuoScient is a specialist in Information Security Operation Services. We are providing security integration support, incident response consultancy and a distributed analysis platform that is supporting collaboration and information sharing.

We support customers with understanding, responding and also anticipating threats, targeting them, their clients and industry peers. We develop collaborative tools and methods enabling teams to monitor, detect and counter these threats more efficiently and forward-looking.

Furthermore, we deliver high value threat information that is tailored to customer profiles and to be shared with risk management specialists, security professionals and policy makers globally.

QuoScient aims at simplifying incident response and reducing the threat exposure. This way QuoScient's experienced professionals support all along the evolution of operational capabilities and will teach customers to "fly" on their own.

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QuoScient delivers in four lines of business:

  • Collaborative Analysis and Sharing Solutions
  • Security Operations Consultancy
  • Subject Matter Expertise (Ground Support)
  • Managed Security Operations Services

Collaborative Analysis and Sharing Solutions

  • Can be deployed on premise as well as in the cloud
  • Data remains on customer premises where necessary
  • Enabling to collect and share data securely
  • Efficiently collaborate on cases as teams
  • Action responses in your environment
  • Keep track of response activities and attacks
  • Anonymously receive and share technical incident information
  • Understand your exposure in a bigger context
  • Collaborate with external experts to counter wider ongoing campaigns
  • Report and follow on incidents with agility
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Subject Matter Expertise

  • Technical experts will support with analysing alerts
  • Malware experts will reverse engineer and triage malware
  • Threat Analysis experts will integrate new processes
  • Incident Responder will coordinate your incidents and arrange proper communication

Security Operations Consultancy

  • Get strategic support from experienced global security operation managers
  • Obtain an independent view on your Security Operations capabilities and build objectives to work towards
  • Have strategic evolution support – for technical as well as operations capabilities
  • Receive support in operational workflows and roadmaps
  • Security ecosystems gap analysis, delivering the right environment to enable SecOps team(s)
  • Receive integration support to make the best out of what is already invested in


QuoScient was set up by professionals with many years of experience and a strong track record in the IT Security Industry. Yet we have the mind-set of a start-up company where we value everyone’s contribution to the work and want each employee to benefit from the company’s growth.

We are passionate about what we do. And this passion is what drives us to deliver the best in class.

QuoScient is looking for self-motivated individuals who enjoy working in small teams and value autonomy and professional excellence. We believe in fair compensation and in fun at work. We merit innovation and creativity.

Our main office is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, however, we are working in a global business model. We are hiring talent from all over the world and we are interested to collaborate with everyone from university grad with outstanding credentials to senior IT professionals with strong work experience in the IT Security field.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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